All hail the king, kiss the ring, walking out on fours
Assails the failed Ms. Qing, emancipated whores
Heifer-sired pupils hidin’ her bread and butter, prêt-à-porter
Up-shaft movements, slidin’ vertically dormant on ‘er

Upskirt cam gone hurt her soul size, handfuls
Horny ass hons faux-empathize, dismantled
Lolling tongues pose challenges, rolling dung vestiges
Pepperidge Farm families, fat moms and twenty grandkidses

Locked away Fume Knight got a sword like humongous
And now locker room boys tryna whore up to him (with nasty fungus)
All kill the queen, an ill fucking meme:
Get your pedo scene, head away, courtesy of Korine

Hide, run and sin, out with lead and the Real McCoy
Dine-and-done-in chowderhead, deploy the decoy
Donned in Chuck Taylors, wannabe-Nuck failures, loudhailers
Contrarers, them who dare to waver our semiquavers

Newly branded cattle walk in higher hordes, decked with Gucci
Who he landed battle with the fire-lord, Kagu-Tsuchi
‘çias prestige, snakes a-rattle, siege the Roman capital
Haw-yee, man’s preachin’ sin to make it happen, y’all

Franco-’talian worship autofellates, twenty four
Payol-battalion radio procreates, evermore
Red old gravitas, the dead gold Black Mass
Qing lost hope, let a girl soak in impasse